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Posted by Brouillard Amedee on Friday, 21 February, 2020 20:58:10

The Apptricity system is used to reconcile travel and business expense transactions from the Tufts Corporate MasterCard.

How to Add a Current Address in SIS to Resolve a Hold on Your Account IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Even if you have already added your current address in SIS as a Home or Mailing or illing, address, the University requires all students to have an address listed with an address type of urrent.

Login to SIS at go.tufts.edu/sis; Click 'My Profile' and then 'Invited Viewer Access' Follow the on-screen instructions to invite a user to view your SIS account; Remember to choose which sections of your SIS account your invited viewer has access to; To reset your SIS password as an Invited Viewer: Go to the SIS homepage at go.tufts

Tufts Technology Services Training & Documentation Department 1 Student Invited Viewer Portal Access - Student Students can grant Invited Viewer (parents, spouse, etc.) access to their SIS secure personal information. Students have complete control of which information they choose to reveal, and can revoke access at any time. Invited

Student Information System (SIS) Provides students with course registration, course catalogs and schedules, financial aid information, grades and transcripts, and more. Open (go.tufts.edu/sis) Available To. Faculty Staff Students. Cost. Free. Features.

Review your Student Account, access Tufts eBill, access the Tufts University Tuition Payment Plan, waive your medical insurance, and review/change your meal plan selection. Granting SIS Portal Invited Viewer Access: How to grant "Invited Viewer" (such as parents and spouses) access to your data via the Tufts University portal, SIS.