How To Turn Off Wordpress Member Login

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How To Turn Off Wordpress Member Login

Posted by Buche Angela on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 19:57:03

Do you want to automatically log out idle users in WordPress? As a security-conscious site admin, you may want to force inactive users to login again. Banking websites and apps already use this technique to avoid unauthorized users from accessing accounts or hijacking them. You can also implement

Remove Dashboard Access removes some built-in WordPress Toolbar menus by default, but can be extended to hide menus from other plugins or themes via two filters: rda_toolbar_nodes (viewing from the admin), and rda_frontend_toolbar_nodes (viewing from the front-end).

Hello, Charles. I just stumbled across your page re "members only" sections in WordPress and appreciate all the info. But hope you don't mind my asking directly, as there are so many posts here to wade through. I am looking for a plug-in for a "members-only" option for our site.

Login to your WordPress admin area using an Administrator account. Click on the Users menu item from the admin sidebar. This will show you a list of users registered on your WordPress site. Locate the user you wish to remove. Click on the Delete link below the username of the person you want to remove.

This video tutorial will showcase how to hide the WordPress admin login page using the plugin called "Lockdown WP Admin". This can protect your WordPress website from brute force attacks.

The BotDetect PHP Captcha WordPress plugin allows easy integration with WordPress Login forms. Adding Captcha protection to login attempts is an effective way to prevent automated username & password brute-forcing attacks which try to guess access info for existing user accounts.