How To Login Drupal In Maintenance Mode

Drupal. How to put the website in maintenance mode

How To Login Drupal In Maintenance Mode

Posted by Brice Alixandra on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 12:59:08

Put Drupal in maintenance mode via Dashboard. Step 1. Log in to your Drupal Admin site. Step 2. Click "Configuration". Step 3. Look for Development panel and click "Maintenance mode". Step 4. Tick the checkbox "Put site into maintenance mode". Step 5. Enter your custom message in the "Maintenance mode message" field. Step 6.

To log into your "under maintenance" Drupal site simply append /?q=user to your address. . From there you can log in and take your site out of maintenance mode, or apply whatever tweaks you need to perform.

1) Login to your admin panel. 2) Go to Configuration 3) Scroll down and click on " Maintenance mode " button 4) Match the option " Put site into maintenance mode ".

Cannot login to my Drupal site [duplicate] A while back I made a site for our Operettic society in Holland, after a while I transferred the maintenance to another person who came just recently back at me with a problem. Newest maintenance-mode questions feed To subscribe to this RSS feed

Log into your Drupal 8 admin dashboard. From the top menu bar, click on Menu and then click on Configuration from the second menu bar. This leads you to the Configuration page. From here, locate the Development section and then click on the Maintenance Mode link.

Maintenance mode for different CMS. This article describes how to set up Maintenance mode for a CMS-based website. NOTE: Before proceeding with any changes, we recommend generating a full backup of your website. If you've created your site using Softaculous script installer, feel free to refer to this guide step #4 - Backup software).